Product Designer
Spiral Lamp
Tom Dixon, circa 1988
Placchetta circolare in avorio scolpito
raffigurante testa di Maria dolente,
Italia, XVIII-XIX secolo
Erwin Wurm
Fat House Moller / Adolf Loos,
Instrument for measuring the color intensity of blue sky
First ever space selfie taken on another planet
by Curiosity rover on Mars on September 7, 2012
Che cosa sono le nuvole?
Curtain Wall House
Shigeru Ban, 1995
Tokyo, Japan
Rare four-panel screen
circa 1967
Ashtray owned by Jeff Koons’s grandfather
Intervista, 1988
Vignelli Associates
Last Supper carved in Mother of Pearl
XIX-XX Century
Virgin Mary with Christ child sitting on a parapet, ca. 1480
Carlo Crivelli
Dog Bites Tail Table, 2010
Judy Kensley McKie
Pret a Porter f/w 2014
Trash in Paris